The secrets of “Inferno”

“The Palazzo Vecchio resembles a giant chess piece. With its robust quadrangular facade and rusticated square-cut battlements, the massive rooklike building is aptly situated, guarding the southeast corner of the Piazza della Signoria”. This is what Dan Brown writes in his latest best-seller, Inferno, set in Florence and mostly in Palazzo Vecchio. Following the steps of the professor Robert Langdon the public will learn the history of the palace living through the locations and the scenes of the novel. The public rooms – but the most secret as well – become the settings of researches, pursuits and  coups de théâtre centred on a precise work: “Here we are, finally… Marta Alvarez had expected to see Dante’s familiar dead face staring back at her, but instead, all she saw was the red satin interior of the cabinet and the peg on which the mask normally hung.”

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