Florentine Walks

Discovering  the lesser-known areas, suggestive architectures, views, and stories of Florence’s city centre

On the occasion of the anniversary of the inclusion of the Historic Center of Florence in the UNESCO World Heritage List on December 17, 1982, the Florence World Heritage and UNESCO Relations Office of the Municipality of Florence, along with MUS.E, have developed a program of walks conceived through the Firenze Forma Continua project. The aim is to spread the history of the city of Florence and foster connections between the territory, people and heritage. Developed with the support of the Heritage and Research Laboratory (HeRe Lab, a joint laboratory between the Municipality of Florence and the University of Florence), the objectives of the Firenze Forma Continua project include the reappropriation of the city by the community and the transmission of its values to future generations.

The itineraries will lead citizens, as well as Italian and foreign visitors, to discover the lesser-known areas of the historic center, highly suggestive architectures, views, and stories of Florence, and deepen their knowledge of the city, urban fabric, and landscape areas that contribute to the Outstanding Universal Value of the site.

If, indeed, the Historic Center of Florence was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List because it is “a unique achievement, a masterpiece, the result of continuous creation spanning over six centuries,” its cultural enjoyment is often limited to the main monuments and well-known streets, neglecting to capture the complex fabric of places, relationships, and activities that is still ideally enclosed by the city walls: one of the most significant elements to understand the historical evolution of Florence, rich in references and curiosities.

And it is precisely from this perimeter – still evidenced today by the gates, towers, fortresses, and walls of Oltrarno, almost entirely preserved – that three itineraries have been developed, focusing on crucial areas of Florence’s history and life: the route north of the city, Around Porta San Gallo. New traces of ancient relations; the one to the south, Along the walls of Oltrarno. Rethinking the margin; the one around San Miniato al Monte. With this last itinerary, it is also worth noting that the World Heritage site saw a significant expansion in 2021, encompassing this very area.

Below is the schedule of events in English:

December 15 at 2:30 PM Around Porta San Gallo. New traces of ancient relations (The meeting point for the walk around Porta San Gallo is via Guelfa 12, in front of the Seventh-day Adventist Church).

December 23 at 2:30 PM Along the walls of Oltrarno. Rethinking the margin (The meeting point for the walk along the walls is Porta San Giorgio, in via San Leonardo).

December 31 at 2:30 PM Towards San Miniato al Monte (The meeting point for the walk towards San Miniato al Monte is Torre San Niccolò, in Piazza Poggi).

The walks are aimed at both young and adults; they are free and last for two hours. It is recommended to wear comfortable clothing and bring water.

With the financial support of the Ministero del Turismo “Fondo siti UNESCO e città creative”

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