FACE TO FACE WITH THE MEDICI FAMILY. Dramatic reenactments in Palazzo Vecchio

The Civic Museums and Mus.E Association introduce a series of special events titled Face to face with the Medici family. Dramatic reenactments in Palazzo Vecchio. The encounters with the members of the ducal family bring back to life daily habits of the court and the mentality of the time allowing us to confront them with our epoch and customs. The dramatization helps the visitors plunge with live immediacy into history.

The first encounter is with the duchess Eleonora getting up and dressed, while having a conversation focusing on hygiene, clothing and fashion in the sixteenth century. Then the meeting with Anna Maria Luisa de’ Medici, the last member of the family (February 21), followed by the encounter with Cosimo I de’ Medici (February 28). The appointments in March are dedicated to weddings of high rank (March 13) and themes such as health and sickness according to the medical practice and theory of the time.

The robing of the duchess Eleonora di Toledo – Sunday, Ferbuary 14, 4.30 p.m.

A conversation with Anna Maria Luisa – Sunday, February 21, 4.30 p.m.

An invitation to the court of Cosimo I de’ Medici – Sunday, February 28, 4.30 p.m.

The wedding of princess Lucrezia – Sunday, March 13, 4.30 p.m.

The physician and the granduchess: health and disease in the Renaissance – Sunday, March 20, 4.30 p.m.



Age: age 10 and up

Duration: 1h15’

When: Sunday, February 14, 21, 28  and March 13,10 at 4.30 p.m.


€12,00 – €10 (reduced 18/25) – €2,00 (reduced 10/17) – residents in the metropolitan area.

€14,00 – €12 (reduced 18/25) – €4,00 (reduced 10/17) – non-residents in the metropolitan area.

Reduction 2×1 soci Unicoop


The reservation is mandatory.

For information and booking:

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