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  • Mission

    The Associazione Mus.e handles the enhancement of the Florentine Civic Museums and in general of the city of Florence. It realizes cultural projects, exhibitions, workshops and events to let the public enjoy heritage and art through an excellent experience.
    Its mission is carried out and it is realized on different fields:

    Florentine Civic Museums information and welcoming

    Organization of important cultural events such as the Notte Bianca, F-Light and the Settimana Michelangiolesca

    Guided visit’s support thanks to useful tools to let the public autonomously enjoy the museum, such as multimedia guides and Family Kits

    Management of the Museum of Palazzo Vecchio’s bookshop space

    Opening and guided visit’s assistance of cultural goods and artistic spaces, such as the Arnolfo Tower and the Tower of San Niccolò, “given back” for the benefit of the public

    Activities of cultural mediation with suggestions selected according to the different public targets of the Florentine Civic Museums, both in class and in the city

    Realization of exhibitions, publishing and artistic projects in the Civic Museums and in the field of the contemporary arts, with public projects involving the city

    Management and enhancement of Le Murate. Progetti Arte Contemporanea with particular attention to the creation of contemporary arts

    Numbers over the year

    The staff


    President / Matteo Spanò presidenza@musefirenze.it
    Operating Manager / Andrea Bianchi andrea.bianchi@musefirenze.it
    Cultural Mediation Manager / Valentina Zucchi valentina.zucchi@musefirenze.it
    MAD Murate Art District / Valentina Gensini valentina.gensini@musefirenze.it
    Museo Novecento / Francesca Neri francesca.neri@musefirenze.it
    Exhibitions and Events / Davide Serufilli davide.serufilli@musefirenze.it
    Administration / Cecilia Pappaianni cecilia.pappaianni@musefirenze.i
    Services Area Manager / Monica Consoli monica.consoli@musefirenze.it
    Human Resources / Alessia Ballini alessia.ballini@musefirenze.it
    Palazzo Medici Riccardi / Roberta Masucci roberta.masucci@musefirenze.it
    Press Office / Tabloid Società Cooperativa, Ludovica Zarrilli ludovica@tabloidcoop.it
    Communication / Lorenzo Valloriani lorenzo.valloriani@musefirenze.it
    Bookshop, Merchandising / Laura Chimenti bookshop.palazzovecchio@musefirenze.it

    Cultural Mediators

    • Domizia Weber
    • Florinda Nesticò
    • Stefano Corazzini
    • Marco Salvucci
    • Francesca Sabatini
    • Marion Gizard
    • Elisabetta Stumpo
    • Ilaria Guccerelli
    • Giaele Monaci